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Our Laurentians Spa Resort

Enjoy the luxurious relaxation of Spa Relaxia, our onsite full-service spa in the Laurentians. Guest of the Hotel Mont Gabriel receive the special rates listed below.


Relaxia's signature treatment is a moment for yourself... just for yourself! Balancing body and soul with 100% vegan products made of chinese jasmin or indonesian ginger essential oils!

This treatment includes:

  • Sugar exfoliation
  • Massage with essential oil and soy candle
  • Detoxifying body wrapping
  • Head massage
  • Body hydration with a soft lotion
  • Feet massage with soy candle

Lenght of 120 minutes - $ 185.00



Experience an unsurpassed relaxation with the precious oils and minerals contained in the hot salt stones. This massage reduces inflamation, eliminates toxins, remineralises your body, increasing deep relaxation, hightening deep sleep and calms the nervous system. You will come out with a calming sensation and relaxed in a way surpassing the state of sweedish or relaxation massages.

  • Available in Hydrotherapy & 75 minutes massage or 90 minutes massage only

Lenght of 90 minutes - Only $135



  • Relaxation massage of 60 minutes

Lenght of 60 minutes - Only $85.00
With the hotel package - Only $80.00

  • Relaxation massage of 90 minutes

Lenght of 90 minutes - Only $120.00
With the hotel package - Only $120.00

Download our brochure.

For a detailed list of our treatments and packages, please visit or call us at 450-229-7813.

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