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Hotel & Spa Mont Gabriel is an integral part of the history of Sainte-Adèle, Saint-Sauveur and the Laurentians. It's implication is crucial not only for the history of skiing in the region, but also for the local economic and touristic development. In 2016, the complex turned 80 years old, which launched a desire to rediscover its history! After an investment of millions of dollars, this jewel is back on top as one of the nicest resorts in the Laurentians. 

Old B&W photo of 3 women in a car at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort

Marie-Joséphine Hartford

Marie-Joséphine Hartford, heiress to the A&P (Atlantic and Pacific tea company) stores’ fortune, regularly visits St. Sauveur and its surrounding areas. When she is in the region, she stays at Nicolò degli Albizzi's pension. A&P supermarkets were privately owned by the Hartford family and were at one point the largest retail empire in the U.S. with 16,000 stores. In the 50s, A&P was the company that sold the most goods in the world! In 2007, A&P had a revenue of 6.9 billion dollars and was considered an American icon. In 2010, The Wall Street Journal said that ''A&P was as well-known as McDonalds or Google is today'' and that A&P was ''Walmart before Walmart.'' 

She has the habit of following Nicolò during his cross-country skiing escapades on local lands. During one of these excursions in 1934, the «Marquis» brought her to the summit of Mont Gabriel. She instantly fell under the charm and asked him to buy the land in her name. 

In 1936, she gives Victor Nymark the task of constructing an Inn with a very large common room and 16 rooms. 

Construction of Mont Gabriel Lodge 

During this period, the main reason of this construction is to have a place to relax after a day of bobsleigh, alpine or cross-country skiing. Marie-Joséphine's personal life is tumultuous and after two children, Nuella and Coloombus, and three husbands, she decides to sell the property to Mont Gabriel Resort Ltd. 

Mont Gabriel Club 

In December 1941, a group of businessmen from Piedmont acquire the whole Mont Gabriel complex and surrounding land. This transaction is facilitated by Clarence Wentworth Honey, hotel manager in the Laurentians. During this period, only a ''select and privileged group of customers were accepted. Not anyone was welcomed.'' In 1944, documents concerning Mont Gabriel Resort Ltd reveal that the owners are in fact a group of four American women, including Anne Clark Scott Martindell, American ambassador. Activities on site are concentrated around Alpine and cross-country skiing, tennis, swimming and social events. 

An old image of the exterior view of Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort
1951 photo of Road Carriage near Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa

George Cole Scott

Almost the entire site is sold to George Cole Scott, Anne's ex-husband, when he returns from Second World War. 

Herbert John O'Connell 

In 1951, H.J. O'Connell buys the Mont Gabriel mountain and most of its installations. He keeps buying surrounding land in order to develop the territory. Being a good friend of Maurice Duplessis, many favors are granted to him such as the deviation of Highway 15 so that it passes directly in front of the ski hill! 

Hunting on Mount Gabriel's grounds

Under many pressures, Mont Gabriel even becomes its own town in 1956. H.J. O'Connell is unanimously voted mayor of the Town of Mont Gabriel. The commercial and real estate of the land is in full swing. O'Connell makes many notable changes by developing the ski hill and the hotel as well as the surrounding land. Also, he is in part responsible for creating the excellent reputation of the hotel with events like fashion shows and national tennis tournaments. 

1956 photo of a Hunting crew with dogs at Mont Gabriel Resort
People looking at a Cityscape Model at Mont Gabriel Resort

Donald M. Mumford and Raymond Waleau

In 1960, Donald M. Mumford purchases the town of Mont Gabriel from H.J. O'Connell Ltd. At the time, Mumford is President and General Manager of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel and decides to mix his passion for skiing and his love for hotel management. He adds two new wings, the Marquise and Tyrol, for 110 more rooms. Raymond Waleau becomes the owner in August of 1970 and proceeds to construct many townhouses. 

Hotel Mont Gabriel during the 1970s

From 1960 to 1975, Mont Gabriel is the privileged destination for many national, political, cultural or social celebrities! Notorious visitors include Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, Robert Bourrassa, Ted Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Claude Ryan and many more! 

Laurent Dupras 

On September 20, 1975, Laurent Dupras becomes owner of the assets of Mont Gabriel. His contributions are very important for the resort. At the ski level, he installs many lifts and attracts world renowned races. In regards to the hotel, he adds a magnificent indoor pool, a spa, a sauna and a bar as well as an 18-hole mountain golf course. 

A couple holding hands at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa
Two men speaking at a podium at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa

Tidan Group - Mike Yuval and Jack Sofer

On February 1, 1998, Tidan Group purchases Hotel Mont Gabriel. From the start, the company chooses to add a spa and to modernise the installations with a major wave of renovations. Also, it builds many meeting rooms and condos on the golf resort. A project of 70 condos with a breathtaking view of the Saint-Sauveur Valley is in the making. The Tidan Group owns commercial and industrial buildings of more than 3,000 000 square feet, apartment buildings, an important hotel collection and much more. In 2016, Martin B. Lavallée becomes an associate in order to help the site grow.