2019 Office Resolutions

A lady doing yoga outdoor at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa

On the professional level, the end of the year entails financial statements, sales reports and resolutions for the New Year! What better way but to follow our 5 expert tips to start the New Year off right 



Statistics speak for themselves: we spend more than 5 hours a day in front of our screens and nearly 40% of adults are not active enough! Work-related sport helps create and strengthen bonds, motivate troops and increase productivity levels. Although it is still possible to start a running club on Wednesday night after work or to organize a major golf tournament, small actions such as a little stroll during lunch time or a yoga break in afternoon are ample enough to start off the year in style!



Who has never had an objective imposed by a supervisor a little too optimistic? By involving the team members in the establishment of a goal of production or sales, they are much more likely to reach them! You would be surprised what a strategic planning meeting, including middle managers, can bring out. In addition to better delineating the specifications of these objectives, many operational issues will be resolved during these discussions! Also, their commitment to the goal will be much greater since they will feel involved from the start.



Ask yourself, do I really need to print this document? How many times have you printed a report, reprinted it four more times after noticing mistakes? Calculate your stationary related expenses for the closing year and give yourself the goal of just spending less for the New Year! Share this information to the entire team and use the saved money to do teambuilding among colleagues! Everyone will win 



Find a common activity! Valerie in the sales department likes to make cookies? Plan a sweet table for lunch! Jean Paul it accounting is a fan of video games? Plan a team building with this theme! The goal here is to create links between employees and get to know your colleagues with icebreaker activities. These links will increase the motivation of the group and, by the same token, the productivity of the entire team!



This one may seem a bit out of the box but yes, you read that right! Start the year by beautifying your window seals! Each employee is responsible for a plant, preferably an edible one! Once the tomato, basil or lettuce plant has arrived to maturity, a potluck is prepared with vegetables and herbs from the garden! This is another way to cultivate team spirit and connect with colleagues! Requiring little time and energy on a daily basis, this project makes it possible to realize that a small constant effort by a well-intentioned group creates a surprising result!

Whatever your resolution, the important thing is to adhere to it continuously! Happy New Year everyone