Advantages of having a meeting
outside the office

After a sunny summer season, fall is upon us.

People giving high five outdoor at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort

After a sunny summer season, fall is upon us. This season is synonymous with back to school, Halloween but also annual meetings! While the current trend is towards in-house meetings or video conferencing, our experts present five good reasons for a face-to-face meeting outside of the office.



You’ve probably heard the old saying: too much information kills information. In the 2.0 universe in which we evolve, we are constantly bombarded with information from all sides. Did you know that humans have an attention span of 8 seconds? Even a goldfish is one second above us! So, whether it’s with a client, a colleague, or a vendor, we need to find a way to capture attention and curiosity quickly, which is much easier to do in person. Indeed, a virtual meeting offers countless sources of distraction: the dog, the cat videos sent by Aline on Youtube, the kid’s laundry for soccer – everything becomes more interesting and urgent than the meeting in progress! The famous multitasking becomes a harmful source of counter-productivity for the entire team, leading to a disengagement and limited participation. It’s hard enough to find the time to organize a meeting, so let’s make sure it’s productive!



Virtual meetings are recognized to save time and money for all team members. However, we must ensure that all participants have the necessary equipment to participate properly in the meeting! Do they have the right hard drive? Is Marc’s camera compatible with the meeting software? Will participants be able to connect by themselves? Will the Internet connection be stable? In addition, is the frequency of these meetings worth investing in the necessary tools? Indeed, if one is to invest a large amount in infrastructure or time in training, it is best to ensure that they are used to their full potential!



Virtual meetings do not match everyone’s value systems. Indeed, several factors can make people uncomfortable in this type of event. For example, culturally, this type of arrangement can create discomfort for some participants. In the same vein, some people are not comfortable with new technologies, thus feeling discriminated against according to their age, their social situation or their education. In addition, virtual meetings often do not allow the non-verbal language of participants to be read. Thus, it becomes more difficult to interpret the intervention of a colleague, to give an adequate answer, to read sarcasm or irony. Also, the differences in terms of time zones can complicate the schedules of everyone.



Despite all the advantages of technology that allows you to meet in the office, it is actually more difficult to build relationships when you are in a purely professional context. Indeed, many people are struggling to open up to their colleagues in the company’s offices. A meeting outside the office, in a more neutral place where power relations are less formal, helps to develop the relationship between colleagues. Normally taboo subjects can be addressed and we really get to know the people we meet every day!



In a world where everything moves at the speed of light, it is essential to take the time to value good moves and reward your team. A meeting outside the office often combines work and pleasure with a reward component. A surprise activity, a prize draw or a good dinner with amazing wine can recharge the batteries for the entire team and solidify the commitment, not only in the objectives in front of you but also in the vision of the organization.

Although staying in the office can often meet the immediate needs, going outside also offers the opportunity to boost the creativity of the team!