Golfing: Where to Start?

Closeup of a golf ball near Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa

To highlight the golf show season and the imminent arrival of spring, our new Golf director, Mario Legault, gives you his five expert tips to integrate this sport, which is much more accessible than you think, in your day to day life!


First and foremost, we play golf to see our circle of golfing friends. We take anopportunity to organize a good time outside and socialize between people sharing the same interests! Seeing the situation under this eye removes the performance component of the equation and most of the pressure …! We have to stop thinking that we must be immediately the next Tiger Woods but rather be comfortable in a position where we learn at every shot. 



The first place to start when you decide to start golf is definitely at the base…! Equipment, clothing and shoes are the ideal starting point. You can of course equip yourself with the trend of the year! However, we advise you to start gradually. Invest in a good pair of shoes, and socks, and make sure you have the essentials at the clothing level. For the golf bag, take the opportunity to try several kinds of clubs before you commit to a complete equipment!



One of the most common mistakes is to start BIG…! In theory, one always starts one’s learning with the shortest to the longest strokes. A common exercise is to start on a practice green. Start at about fifteen centimeters from the hole and progressively back up from 7 to 10 cm. Once you consider you have mastered the putts, start chipping and then driving! The key is in constant progression in distance in order to maintain trajectory accuracy; only increase the strength of the shot and change the club! Then we can go to the course!



Golf has a rigid reputation in terms of regulation and etiquette. The wave of changes on this side aims to democratize golf access by breaking down this rigidity. On the other hand, the game etiquette remains very important! Respect not only your golfing partners, but also the foursome behind you, the one in front, the equipment and the field. Do not hesitate to ask questions and make sure you respect the playing time, even if you play only the best ball!



The beauty of golf lies in the fact that this sport definitely pushes us to excel. Although there is a competitive component, it is much more interesting to base your performance on your previous score! This helps develop concentration, patience and self-control. You will develop personal pride in a short summer!

Whatever the reasons are that bring you to start golfing, it is important to remember that the important thing is to have fun