Let's recognize our exceptional employees!

Graphic image of employees at Hotel Mont Gabriel Resort & Spa

Since we miss our great team in these difficult times, we are taking advantage of this moment of confinement to pay tribute to some of our amazing colleagues, in a very long list of exceptional team mates! 


With over 40 years of service, Richard is a pillar within the Mont Gabriel Hotel & Spa.

Richard began his career as a maintenance clerk in 1978. He has held many positions including luge attendant, bar clerk, waiter and then head bartender. In the mid-1990s, he was promoted to the position of group coordinator. His vast experience has enabled him to develop an affinity with the organization of events, a sector in which he still excels today. The quality of his work led him to be appointed as Assistant General Manager, a position he has held since 1999. Richard is an exemplary "trooper", always present and ready to answer customer requests, as far-fetched as some may appear.

Although his career at Mont Gabriel has shaped him into the man he is today, Richard has put his strength to work to grow our business and bring it to the current level. We salute you Richard, we thank you for your many contributions and we look forward to seeing you in the office after this storm passes!



It was in 2007 that Véronique joined the ranks of Mont Gabriel following a tourism technique at CEGEP de Granby. Her first job as a receptionist allowed her to develop customer service skills that continue to serve her today. Quickly, her supervisors were able to recognize in her important leadership capacities which earned her a promotion as reception supervisor, where she was able to train the new generation. In 2011, Véronique jumped on a sales representative position allowing her to combine her passion for customer service, her important knowledge of our product and her enthusiasm.

In September 2018, she took the reins of the sales department and brought in her personal touch. Véronique is devoted and has an unequaled team spirit that allows her to involve everyone in her cause. She is a real team player, who we cannot do without. We can't wait to see you with your legendary good humor in better circumstances!



A member of our kitchen brigade since 2006, Mylène's contagious good humor is inevitable. Awaken in the wee hours of the morning, she gets up before dawn to cook up a delicious breakfast so that our customers can start the day off right. You will easily find it at our omelet station for a custom creation!

Concerned about the quality of her dishes and the freshness of her ingredients, one of her priorities has always been to preserve good relations and team spirit in the big family that is the kitchen at Mont Gabriel. We always find an attentive ear in her, whether for a quick chat or even to find an innovative solution to a particular situation. We can't wait to see your smile that accompanies your creativity in the preparation of new dishes of which you are so proud!



Freshly arrived in March 2018, Lyzane quickly stood out as a Front desk clerk because of her enthusiasm and her reaction to the unexpected. She is ready to face any situation that comes her way! Her ease of solving complex situations and her relaxed attitude automatically put her colleagues and clients at ease: she is in control. She has a particularly rare listening ability that sets her apart from the rest, which explains her awesome ascension from Front desk clerk to supervisor and, most recently, as manager.

Your bright ideas and increased organizational skills are welcome to get through more complex moments. You are a breath of fresh air in a nerve center and we can't wait to see your smile!



One of our dining room veterans, Richard has been on the service team since 1980. This year, he celebrates his 40th birthday in our extended family. Helpful, attentive and available, our customers and colleagues have only good words to describe this pillar. We can always count on Richard to make a joke with a smirk, or to show us an exceptional photo taken during a recent nature hike, before continuing his dedicated service to customers.

Richard has adapted to the many changes that have transformed the restauration industry and our organization while continuing to provide exemplary service. His vast experience makes him a master of his field and we can't wait to see your contagious expertise and humor!



Without a doubt the biggest fan of the Canadians in our large family and our quintessential hockey pool organizer, Martin has been part of the team since 2012. As a meeting room attendant, he ensures that customers have everything they need during their events: no demand is too great! He does not hesitate to go beyond what is required to participate in creating a memorable moment for everyone. His dedication, patience and meticulousness make him the ideal man to support the bride and groom on D-Day.

We can always count on Martin to lend a hand to his colleagues, regardless of the department. He contributes daily to offer an unforgettable experience to our customers as well as to promote Mont Gabriel. We can't wait to see your smile!



Having joined the laundry department team in 2013, Marlène has shown great organization skills. She takes pride in a job done with perfection and thoroughness. She knows how to spot the strengths of her colleagues in order to make work fun and efficient, which is why she was promoted to the position of housekeeping crew chief. Her enthusiasm, thoroughness and sense of duty make her the perfect colleague in difficult situations: she ensures that the job is done well.

Marlène is hardworking, always present and excels in the art of doing several things at once. Her ideas are constantly improving our ways of doing things to be more efficient and effective. We can always count on you and we can't wait to see you, faithful to the job.



Luciana beautifies our daily life throughout the year. Our gardener has been with us full time since 2017. Her expertise not only makes our property more beautiful, it also brightens up our days: her good humor and laughter are contagious! She shows proactivity on a daily basis and performs her tasks with mastery. Always ready to embark in our projects, she allows crazy ideas to emerge quickly and perfectly. In winter, Luciana uses her perfectionism to lend a hand to our maintenance team by carrying out work requiring her thoroughness.

Luciana promotes our property and helps to increase team spirit wherever she goes. Her zest for life and her optimism make her an invaluable colleague. We can't wait for you to show us snapshots of pretty moments taken on the fly as well as hear your communicative laugh!


We can't wait to see all of you very soon :)